Ensuring Safety and Satisfaction: Ethical Staffing at Love Saves The Day Festival

In the dynamic world of live events and festivals, safety, satisfaction, and sustainability stand as pillars of success. With a team of 20 members, Ethical Staffing played a pivotal role at Love Saves The Day, ensuring the safe departure of festival-goers.

Partnering with ethos at the forefront


Our egress stewards, trained to handle diverse scenarios with professionalism and efficiency, guided crowds seamlessly, ensuring everyone left the festival grounds safely and could easily make their transport connections. This commitment to safety and customer service is at the core of everything we do.

Collaborating with a Bristol-based brand like Love Saves The Day holds particular significance for Ethical Staffing. Not only do we contribute to the success of an iconic event, but we also align ourselves with a partner that shares our commitment to sustainability. Love Saves The Day is renowned for its industry-leading sustainable values, from waste reduction strategies to sourcing local suppliers. Together, we strive to set a new standard for sustainable event management, demonstrating that memorable experiences can coexist with environmental responsibility.

Our collaboration with Love Saves The Day exemplifies the power of partnership in driving positive change. By supporting local initiatives and embracing sustainable practices, Ethical Staffing and Love Saves The Day are not only enhancing the festival experience but also contributing to the long-term health and vitality of the communities we serve.

As we continue our journey with Love Saves The Day and other forward-thinking partners, Ethical Staffing remains steadfast in our commitment to ethical business practices and environmental responsibility. Together, we can inspire positive change, one event at a time.

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