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Covid-Safe Staffing Supplier

Take your COVID-19 response to the next level

Ethical Staffing is a leading supplier of Covid-Safe temporary staff.

We have experience in delivering front line roles for a number of sectors & have built processes focused on flexibility; ensuring that we are able to react and adapt to meet our clients needs during the evolving course of the pandemic.

Our experts deliver team has been delivering Covid-Safe staffing for clients since March 2020. With staff on the ground ranging from 5 to 250+ staff, Ethical Staffing are in a position to help you operate in a compliant and Covid-Safe manner.

Our specialist teams ensure that your customers and clients are able to experience work environments, retail, events, universities & education safely.

We offer the option of full operational management and supervision both on and offsite.

What roles do you cover?

We can cover all of your front line staffing & Covid-Safe staffing needs; either providing a team to work alongside your existing teams / management, or providing full operational management for any area you require.

Whatever your needs, get in touch with us to find out whether we are the right solution.

Which sectors do you support?

Ethical Staffing have delivered staffing & Covid-Safe staffing solutions across multiple sectors in the UK.

Spanning Corporate to Heritage, Sporting to University, and of course, Live Events and Festivals. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our clients and are proud to state that our client portfolio is as diverse as our staffing teams!

Why choose Ethical Staffing?

We take time at the start of the relationship to understand your client needs & values. This means we are then able to individually asses each member of the team before they can apply to work at your event.

The net result? A dedicated workforce who hold a beautiful synergy with your event.

Head to our FAQ section for more information

Ready to join our team?

Register your interest & join the UK’s leading provider of ethical staffing!

With a diverse range of clients, and an ever-growing team of passionate & dedicated event staff, we’re excited about where this journey takes us…

Are you ready to join us for the ride?

Looking for reliable staff?

We know that a fully motivated team, where each individual feels valued, is proven to perform better. Our company has been built on a distinct set of values where every member of our team receives fair treatment, reward and respect.

Look no further for reliable and dedicated staff…

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