Lighting the Way: Ethical Staffing Brightens Longleat's Festival of Light

Longleat’s 2023 Festival of Light was an awe-inspiring installation that united the South West and visitors from beyond. The trail displayed beautifully curated fairytale themes illustrated by traditional Japanese lanterns. While discovering the whimsical characters we know and love, our event stewards were crucial in making the event feel welcoming and festive.


Ethical Staffing’s Impact


Longleat Safari Park contacted Ethical Staffing to recruit a team of 70 stewards to work across their Festival of Light spectacle. Longleat required experienced event stewards, with a 3-week turnaround including from being interviewed, onboarding, attending onsite training to being deployed over a 6-week period.

A pivotal recruitment measurement we met was sourcing the majority of our workforce in catchment areas of rural Wiltshire. 72% of our workforce were located in local towns and villages, providing essential winter work at a nationally acclaimed establishment.

Monitoring 30 positions across the park, our team acted as the essential eyes and ears of the attraction. Our stewards helped with managing health and safety needs, crowd control and giving information to visitors.

Working in unison with Longleat’s events team, our stewards excelled in ensuring the festival ran smoothly while becoming experts in knowing how to manage areas of the park.

“I just want to express how grateful and proud I am of your team for making this Festival of Light such a success. Please pass on thanks to absolutely every member of the team. Thank you for everything and all being so wonderful. – Daisy, Longleat Events Team 

Longleat’s Festival of Light was a roaring success, with tens of thousands of visitors attracted throughout the event! The attraction is so popular that Channel 5 showed a full-length documentary about the events team that you can watch here. Through all weather conditions imaginable, our Ethical Staffers did a fantastic job!

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