Privacy Policy

Ethical Staffing Privacy Notice


Welcome to the Ethical Staffing team. When you sign up with us to register your interest with us, or sign up to work with us at an event, we need to collect some information about you. This privacy notice sets out exactly how and why we process your personal information.


What type of personal information do we collect?


We will collect a range of information make sure your festival experience with us goes smoothly, this includes your contact information and information to help keep you safe like medical or access requirements and who to contact in the event of an emergency.


  • Key details

Your name, date of birth, photo, address, email address, telephone and mobile number, what ID documents you will be providing, phone number, and experience or skills relevant to your application.


  • Medical/Access requirements

This ensures we can contact you to discuss any support you need


  • T-Shirt Size

We need this to allocate your hi-vis or t shirt where provided.


  • Dietary requirements

Whether you are vegetarian / vegan or have food intolerance or allergies that we need to be aware of.


  • Emergency contact

Who we can contact in case of an emergency


  • Travel information

Details about your travel plans or vehicle registration if you’ve requested a parking pass


  • Comments

In order to ensure the smooth running of our teams, we collect comments regards your performance on shift.


  • Attendance and equipment

For your safety and to ensure our onsite operations run to plan, we collect information regards when you have arrived onsite, which equipment has been allocated to you, what time you start and finish your shifts, whether you have successfully attended all of your allocated shifts and whether you have returned any equipment at the end of your shifts.


  • Criminal convictions

Should you have any unspent criminal convictions, we will ask you to declare this and then be in touch to make sure we are able to support your application.


  • Financial Data

We do not collect your financial data directly, you will be passed to a third party who will securely process your deposit payment. If the deposit is being paid by someone other than yourself, we will ask you to tell us their name. This ensures your deposit can be returned in a timely fashion.


  • Marketing Consent

We will ask you to declare your preferences around if/how you would like to receive marketing updates from Ethical Staffing.


Why is this personal data being collected?


We collect this personal data for the following reasons:


  • Key details

We need these in order to process your application. We need to know your date of birth to ensure you meet the minimum age requirement for volunteering with us.


We will use your mobile number and email address to contact you prior to the festival / event with important information, or whilst on site should we need to contact you regarding your opportunity or in an emergency. We ask for details of what ID documents you will be bringing to ensure you can satisfy UK right to work legislation. In addition, we will use your email address to send you an optional and anonymous post event questionnaire, this gives our volunteers an opportunity to feedback on their experiences so we can ensure we are providing an excellent volunteer experience from start to finish.


  • Criminal convictions

We ask if you have any unspent criminal convictions, sharing this information does not always mean you won’t be allowed to volunteer with us, it allows us to contact you and assess on a case by case basis.


  • Previous Experience

This helps us to ensure that we allocate our volunteer roles in the most effective way and allows those who wish to take on supervisory positions let us know.


  • Photo

Your photo is used as a visual identification for our managers and supervisors.


  • Medical/Access requirements

Ethical Staffing want to be as inclusive as possible, we also want to ensure the safety of our teams. By providing us with medical or access information we can contact you to ensure we are able to provide you with support as required.


  • T-Shirt Size

We need this to allocate your hi-vis or t shirt where provided.


  • Dietary requirements

As we generally provide our volunteers with a meal per shift, we need to know whether you are vegetarian, vegan or have any food allergies that need to be taken into consideration.


  • Emergency contact

Ethical Staffing wants to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all its teams, this includes being able to contact an individual you designate in the event of an emergency.


  • Travel information

If you are driving to a festival we will need to issue car passes, reserve space for cars or provide you with a live-in vehicle pass. By giving us this information we are able to administer this. We will ask for your registration plate so that your vehicle is permitted to enter site and should we need to identify vehicles on site for any reason we can do so.


  • Comments

While on site, you will be looked after by members of the Ethical Staffing team, to ensure continuity, we may need to record comments about performance, disputes or any other queries. This information may then be used both during and after the festival in many ways including, to put you in a suitable role at another festival and to support any praise or complaints you have raised or have had raised about you.


  • Attendance and equipment

In order to ensure the smooth running of our volunteer teams, we collect information regards when you have arrived onsite, which equipment has been allocated to you, what time you start and finish your shifts, whether you have successfully attended all of your allocated shifts and whether you have returned any equipment at the end of your shifts. This information is used to ensure your safety onsite and afterwards for our office team to ensure you have met the conditions of your volunteer agreement prior to returning your deposit.


  • How is the data being collected?

This data will be collected using the following methods:

All information, except for the comments, and attendance / equipment is collected by the Ethical Staffing database, Zoho Application Portal, and PARiM shift selection and scheduling software. These are portals where you can update your information.

How will the information be used?


Your data will be treated in the following way:


All the information you give us will be stored securely in Ethical Staffing offices and IT systems and our contracted suppliers’ IT systems.

Data which we use to identify you and know your history with Ethical Staffing. This includes but is not limited to: name, address and email as well as your application history with Ethical Staffing and any comments/status updates that have been recorded. We will keep this data for 36 months from the last time you modified your festival profile or your consent preferences.

If you have breached the conditions of your volunteer agreement and / or been removed from a festival site for reasons of misconduct, and the decision has been made that future applications should be declined in order to safeguard other volunteers, the public, or the smooth running of our onsite operations, we will keep your name, address, email address and date of birth indefinitely.

Specific data which we use to look after your welfare onsite and information specific to the festival(s) you volunteer at:

This includes, but is not limited to: medical/access requirements, emergency contact details, transport arrangements, friends contact details etc.

If Ethical Staffing no longer needs personal information for the original purpose for which it was collected we will delete/destroy it in accordance with our data destruction practices unless we have a legal obligation to retain personal information for a certain period.

This personal information will not be used for unsolicited newsletters or direct marketing.


Will Ethical Staffing share my information with anyone else?


Your data will be shared with:


  • Teams within Ethical Staffing responsible for administering Festivals and Events.


  • We may need to PNC (Police National Computer) check you and your application – this is done for all volunteers at certain festivals. If this is the case we will need to share your information with the provider of this (the local police constabulary), this will be done via secure transfer in line with Ethical Staffing Privacy Policy – this can change from festival to festival. We will be given a result (without further information) from the festival and should the result be that the check has failed we will be in touch.


  • The company that manages each festival you apply to so that they can provide you with volunteer tickets or run security checks on all staff if required – this does not give them permission to use your data for marketing purposes.
  • Suppliers of Ethical Staffing who support our information systems, in accordance with Ethical Staffing’s instructions and to our security and privacy standards.


How can I see what information you have about me?


If you have any further questions or comments concerning your privacy, wish to access your personal data held about you, delete, or update information we hold about you, please contact the Ethical Staffing team on or Ethical Staffing’s Data Protection Officer at:


Data Protection Officer

Ethical Staffing

Kambe House

34 Portland Square,


BS2 8RG.


You also have the right to see, update, restrict, object to the use of, or withdraw your data at any time and at no cost. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact the Ethical Staffing or Ethical Staffing’s Data Protection Officer.


You have the right to lodge a complaint in relation to the processing of your data with the Information Commissioner’s Office, the public body responsible for information rights. More information can be found on their website at, or you can write to them at:


Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane




Feedback and comments

We strive to communicate our privacy information to our volunteers in a clear and concise manner, we welcome any questions or feedback on this document, please get in touch with us at if you’d like to provide us with any feedback.