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Looking for staff?

You’ve come to the right place…

Why choose ethical?

Ethical Staffing are experts in providing temporary staffing, with a specialism in all live events, and the provision of Covid-safe staffing solutions.

Ethical Staffing can deliver any of your front line staffing needs…

Key areas include; ‘Covid Safe Staffing / Stewarding, Internal & External Stewarding, Festival & Event Staffing: Gates, Box Office and Accreditation, Hospitality and Bars, Sporting & Heritage Events, Promotional Activation and General Customer Service roles’. 

We can provide teams from 5 to 250+ staff, that can work alongside your existing management or we can provide full operational management to support your needs.

With experience of working across sectors spanning Corporate to Heritage, Sporting to University, and of course, Live Events and Festivals; our client portfolio is as diverse as our staffing teams. 

Whatever your needs, get in touch with us to find out whether we are the right solution.

What opportunities do you offer?

We are experts in front line staffing & we place key emphasis on delivering staff with customer facing experience and a positive outlook. Whether you are a client looking for an experienced and trusted staffing solution, or, whether you’re an individual looking for a new opportunity – reach out & introduce, we would love to hear from you.

Do you have staff available all year?

We’re available to staff your events year round. Our handpicked teams are perfect for festivals, corporate events and more! With a database across the UK, we have access to local staff who are more likely to be available over winter. If you’d like to find out if we can provide staff to meet your requirements, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

What events can I work at?

When you work at an event with Ethical Staffing, it could be a weekend music festival, sporting event, community event or even a venue! We take pride in offering exciting, unique and empowering opportunities to our staff. Visit our list of events here and register your interest in joining our staffing family.

How do I sign up?

Want to join our superstar team? First you’ll need to fill out an application form, where you can tell us about your experience & what events you’re interested in. If successful, a member of the team will arrange to have a telephone or Skype interview with you before we progress your application. Learn more here.

What makes us different?

We understand the importance of hiring the right team to suit your requirements. 

We know that a fully motivated team, where each individual feels valued, is proven to perform better. Our company has been built on a distinct set of values where every member of our team receives fair treatment, reward and respect.

Partnering your event with Ethical Staffing allows you to support your existing ethical & sustainable commitments whilst gaining access to a dedicated & passionate workforce.

We’re proud to have worked with

Bristol BID
limelight sports

How can we benefit your event?

Better quality team

By giving equal opportunities to each member of the team, paying them fairly and giving them support on and off site, we ensure that every member of the team feels valued. The result? Staff are more motivated, perform better and are happier at work.

Better performance

When a team is motivated and valued, they always perform better! This can lead to increased revenue and a customer service focused experience for your clients & customers. Win-win!

Our sustainability commitments

We are committed to ensuring that our business practices are ethical & sustainable, both on and off site. The whole team at Ethical Staffing take pride in the fact that we hold shared beliefs and goals, not only with our staff, but with the clients we work with.

Operational management

Our staff can integrate into your existing team or we can bring in our experienced teams to supervise and manage staff onsite. Alongside our sister company, My Cause UK, we offer full operational management, supplying multi-disciplinary teams of staff and volunteers.

The right staff for your show

We take time at the start of the relationship to understand your client needs & values. This means we are then able to individually asses each member of the team before they can apply to work at your event. The net result? A dedicated workforce who hold a beautiful synergy with your event.

Inclusive recruitment

By offering equal opportunities and focusing on an individuals ability and skill, as well as their experience; our teams are more diverse, passionate & dedicated. We show our staff that we care from the start, and they in turn reflect this on the ground.

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