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I need staff for an event, can Ethical Staffing help?

We’re always on the look out to work with new events and festivals. Pop us an email to and a member of the team will get back to you.

I can't find the answer to my question, how can I contact Ethical Staffing?

If you can’t find the answer to your query please pop us an email, our email address is

Why choose Ethical Staff?

We can cover all of your front line staffing needs, either providing a team to work alongside your existing management or providing full operational management for an area of your event. Key areas include Gates, Box Office and Accreditation, Internal and External Stewarding, Hospitality and Bars, Promotional Activation and General Customer Service roles.

What does Ethical Staff pay?

We pay different amounts at different shows, depending on where it is and whether there are any specific skills or experience required from our crew. Paying our staff fairly is one of our core values, so you can be assured that you’ll be paid above the National Minimum Wage.

What roles do you offer?

We have roles at events and festivals across the UK. Mainly the biggest and best music festivals! Most of the roles we offer are front line roles at events, such as box office, ticketing, gates, stewarding, bar. hospitality and customer service roles. We’re also always on the look out for super stars who can supervise and lead our teams.

Are all of your roles paid?

All of our roles are paid. If you’re interested in volunteering at a festival check out our sister company, My Cause UK.

What do I need to wear?

For most of our shows you’ll be asked to wear clothing that is practical and comfortable, but we may provide you with an event t-shirt or a hi-viz for the duration of the event. We’ll always let you know what clothing is suitable for the role you’re applying for when you’re confirmed for that event.

Do you offer travel to events?

No, we don’t currently offer any travel to events. It is your responsibility to get yourself to and from the event. For some events there may be local shuttle buses – if there are we’ll let you know. Where possible we will arrange a parking pass for you if driving, but we encourage you to lift share where possible and will send out links to a crew page where you can organise lifts before an event.

Can I choose my shifts at an event?

We will do our best to assign you shifts at a show according to your preference but cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer you your desired shifts. As a team, we all need to do our bit to ensure that the shifts are fair to everyone. We will always give you an idea of how many hours you can expect to work at an event.

What can I expect when I join Ethical Staffing at an event?

Before you join us onsite, you will receive information about your role, arrival, briefings and any other important information. If it’s a weekend camping event we’ll also send you details on camping and what to bring with you.

When you join us onsite you can expect to be treated as part of out family! This means respect from our managers, supervisors and other team members. Enjoyable shifts with a tight knit crew. Food, access to tea and coffee and often a chill out area at larger events. And a member of the Ethical Staff management team will always be available for any queries or support that you need.

Who are your current clients?

We are proud to be working with a number of clients across a diverse range of sectors. From providing Covid-safe staffing to Universities, Local education authorities, through to the NHS and other public sector organisations. We deliver front-line staff for events, festivals, and corporate clients across the country. Please contact us directly on for more information about our clients & to enquire how we can support your needs.

How do I apply to work with Ethical Staffing?

To apply to work with us please fill out our application form (Click Here for our application form). You’ll be asked for information about you, your skills, experience and what events you’re interested in. You’ll also be able to upload a copy of your CV. If you are successful a member of the team will invite you to have an interview – this will usually be over telephone or Skype. Some roles may require an interview in person, but we’ll always let you know when you apply.

I've filled out the application form, when will I get a callback?

Once you have filled out our application form a member of the Ethical Staff team will assess your application. If successful, you will be invited to have an interview within 4 weeks of your application. Unfortunately due to the number of applications we receive we cannot always let you know if your application has been unsuccessful. Please note – if we do not have any events on our calendar within the next 3 months you will not get a callback until we have events coming up.

What experience do I need?

Some roles may require experience in certain areas but we have roles that are suitable for all abilities, so we’d love to hear from you, no matter your experience. We interview everyone individually where we consider your skills, values and ability, as much as your experience, as part of our inclusive recruitment program.

Can I apply to work with a friend?

If you’d like to work with a friend you will all be asked to apply separately and you’ll be assessed individually. If successful, you’ll be able to apply to work at the same event together, and if possible, we can do our best to try and make sure you work similar shifts. But you’ll need to make sure that you let us know when we confirm your place at an event.

Can I apply to be a supervisor or manager?

We’re always on the look out for superstars who have all of the right skills to look after and lead our teams. We recommend signing up to our mailing list, so you’re in the know about what events we have going on, and emailing over your CV and a cover letter to

We recommend joining us at one of our events first, so you can get to know us and our team. It will give you the opportunity to see how we work and find out more about any opportunities we might have.

Can you send me a job description for the events I'm interested in?

We sure can! To find out more information about the event you’re interested in you can either check out or events page and click ‘more info’ on the event. Or, we can send you a full job description which also contains information about shifts, arrival and camping – if it’s a weekend event. Please email us at to receive a job description, letting us know what events you’d like a job description for.

I've already applied, but a new event has been added since my application. How can I let you know that I'm interested?

You only need to fill out our full application form once, so if we add a new event that you’d like to be considered for you will need to pop us an email. Our email address is

What are you waiting for?

Follow the link below to apply to join the Ethical Staff family and work at some of the UK’s best events.

Looking to hire staff?

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s best festivals, find out why we’re different to other staffing providers and how partnering with Ethical Staffing can benefit your event.

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