Ethical Staffing: Empowering Events with Purposeful Brand Ambassadors

It’s not often that you get to contribute to a successful Guinness World Record attempt!

Our dedicated team of brand ambassadors had the privilege to contribute to a historic milestone alongside the esteemed shoe company, Crep Protect.

The challenge? To clean the most number of trainers simultaneously at any one time. And guess what? We did it – 325 shoes, to be precise!

World Record Support

The venue pulsating with energy was none other than the iconic Box Park in Wembley.  As the heartbeats of anticipation synced with the rhythm of our efforts, our brand ambassadors epitomised professionalism and passion. They weren’t merely wiping shoes; they were embodying the essence of the event – dedication, teamwork, and excellence.

Collaborating with Crep Protect was more than just a project; it was a testament to the power of purpose-driven partnerships. Together, we didn’t just break records; we shattered expectations. And as we bask in the glory of our achievement, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and creating experiences that resonate long after the event curtains close.

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