How Ethical Staffing stewards made a difference at Bristol Light Festival!

Our home city of Bristol boasts so much to be explored! When the Bristol Light Festival started in 2020, we were delighted to see some magic injected into the city during the winter.

We started working with Bristol BID, the creators of Bristol Light Festival, as they expressed a desire to engage with a reliable staffing specialist who would supply a team of Stewards to monitor crowd control across the city centre; and we’ve been with them ever since!


The Art and the Impact 


2024 saw many firsts for Bristol Light Festival, welcoming international artists and their visions to the streets. From the vibrant ‘Bristol Is Always A Good Idea’ signage at Temple Meads by Real Hackney Dave, through to the impressive 40-metre-long audio-visual sculpture Pulse by This Is Loop. Each piece illuminated Bristol in a way that left our team in awe when looking after the area. 

Local business collaborations such as Left Handed Giant’s ‘Vivid Beams’ brew and The Granary’s specials were excellent editions in transforming the event into a brilliant occasion for so many.

One of the unique perks of being a steward at the Bristol Light Festival was the opportunity to experience the event up close and personal. Across the 10 days of the event, our stewards at the Bristol Light Festival were not just passive observers; they actively contributed to the success of the event. Our team was poised to assist as the first point of contact for over 275,000 visitors, providing information about the installations and distributing city maps which highlighted the installation trail.  

Through rain or shine, our team were instrumental in the success of the Bristol Light Festival, ensuring crowd safety and satisfaction. 

Bristol Light Festival provided some much-needed magic to close off winter here in the city. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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