Serving Up Sweet Success: Ethical Staffing Delivers for Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day!

At Ethical Staffing, we believe in more than just providing event staff – we’re all about creating memorable experiences while staying true to our values. Recently, we had the pleasure of partnering with the iconic ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s, for their Free Cone Day extravaganza. Our team of dedicated brand ambassadors, took centre stage to ensure that every scoop of happiness was served with a smile.

In bustling Gloucester and Windsor, our staff embraced the spirit of brand activation, embodying the essence of Ben & Jerry’s mission: spreading joy, one scoop at a time. Equipped with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence, our team seamlessly managed the flow of eager ice cream enthusiasts, delivering the ultimate customer experience.

Brand Ambassadors Making A Difference

From greeting guests with warmth to efficiently managing queues, our event staff played a pivotal role in the success of Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day. Their professionalism and dedication reflected our ethos of ethical staffing – prioritising not only the client’s needs but also the well-being and satisfaction of every individual served.

As advocates for responsible business practices, Ethical Staffing is proud to align with brands like Ben & Jerry’s, who share our commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. Together, we’re not just serving ice cream – we’re serving up values and spreading positivity one event at a time.

For your next brand activation, trust Ethical Staffing to provide top-notch staff who will elevate your brand’s presence and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

With Ethical Staffing, every event becomes an opportunity to make a difference – one scoop, one smile, at a time.

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