Ethical Staffing at Boomtown Festival: Delivering Support for Cashless Transactions

At Ethical Staffing, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support while upholding our values of integrity and social responsibility. We had the opportunity to showcase our commitment to these principles as RFID operatives at Boomtown Festival.

Our primary objective at Boomtown Festival was clear: to provide a team of enthusiastic, skilled, and polite customer support operatives who would ensure the seamless operation of attendees topping up their cashless wristbands. Teaming up with technology developers Weez, our customer support team played a crucial role in supporting the 66,000 capacity festival.

Delivering Festival Excellence


Throughout the event, our dedicated customer support operatives were on the front lines, tasked with ensuring the overall satisfaction of attendees and addressing any queries that arose. As the first point of contact for many festival-goers, our team played a pivotal role in facilitating cash top-ups for thousands of attendees over the five days of operation.

In addition to providing on-site support, we also leveraged technology to enhance the attendee experience. Through the Boomtown app, all festival attendees had the convenience of topping up their wristbands seamlessly, further streamlining the process and minimising wait times.

Our presence at Boomtown Festival exemplifies our commitment to ethical staffing and excellence in customer service. By prioritising the satisfaction and convenience of festival-goers, we contributed to the overall success of the event while upholding our values of integrity and social responsibility.

For your next event, trust Ethical Staffing to illuminate your vision with professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to ethical practices. Let us light up your event, leaving a trail of brilliance for all to follow.

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